Literary work in the measurements of philosophical and anthropological analysis

  • N. V. Kozyryeva H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv national pedagogical university
Keywords: literary work, human existence, relationship between literature and philosophy, types of philosophizing, literary anthropology, anthropological turn in the European humanitarian thought


The article focuses on the specific features of literary work in the understanding of human existence. The essential features of anthropological turn in the European humanitarian thought of the XX century are analyzed. These features are notable for their attempt to determine the specificity; fundamentals and spheres of human existence itself; human individuality; creative abilities; basing on a person himself; for the attempt to explain not only its own nature but also the meaning and nature of the world around us; at the same time these features accumulate heuristic; philosophical; scientific; socio­economic and humanitarian ideas. The article explains the role of modern literary anthropology in understanding the spiritual; humanistic principles regarding human existence in the society of global changes. It’s proved that literature is a creative product that is able to define new areas of human existence and to “write them down” in an existing “topography of culture”. The theory of literary anthropology as a separate field of knowledge can’t be reduced to a universal method of research of literature’s development. The modern society of dynamic changes encourages not only to reevaluate relatively established human values but also to rethink place and role of human in the dynamic socio­economic practices and its ability to cultural transformation that characterizes the literary work. The path of literary creation in a modern, globalized society is due to the development of the spiritual component of human nature, which attention is drawn to literary anthropology. However, one can not fail to notice certain theoretical attempts to conceptualize "global" in various theoretical versions of the so-called "world society". Constructs of "world society" to some extent neutralize the diversity of modern real multicultural society, carrying out their philosophical exploration in the problem field of cultural globalization. However, the cultural differences of peoples should not be an obstacle to a civilized, tolerant communication of cultures.


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