Biographic researches of daily as strategy of realization of genealogical method

  • К. О. Скляренко Дніпровський національний університет ім. Олеся Гончара
Keywords: daily, genealogical method, biographical research, discourse, discursive practices, dispositives


The theoretical basis for this research is genealogical method. Genealogical method is based on theconcept of discursive which formed in the tradition of structuralism. The genealogical method is basedon the fact that, due to inclusion in the practices of daily, the existence of an individual is fixed in thetexts and documents of government. Based on the analysis of these documents, these practices can besubsequently reconstructed and reproduced. In this sense, any activity of individuals in the field ofdaily is seen as a discursive practice. This makes it possible not only to describe or reconstruct dailyactivities or components of daily, but also to identify its genealogy, to establish the reasons why one oranother practices were admitted or excluded from daily. For the study of daily within the framework ofthe concept of discourse and the genealogical method, the facts and phenomena should be studied ascomponents of discursive practices. It is necessary to concentrate attention not on the historical analysis,but on the analysis of discourse sequences. Genealogical method allows to establish a valid and effectivefor sociological approaches principle of describing the sphere of daily. This approach is effective becauseof grouping of events and facts which traditionally related to the sphere daily, into new sequences -discursive practices and dispositives. The main idea of the genealogical method in biographical researchis to consider various information of oneself in the relevant historical and cultural contexts (discursiveformations). Creation of information should be considered as a manifestation of some dispositives,which are formed of discursive practices. "Evidence of oneself" is a separate form of"statements" that can also be one of the types of dis cursive practices. The main thing in this new methodology is the definition of the content of the "evidence of oneself" as separatediscursive speech and discursive practices that are formed the basis of a dispositive as a reflection of thestrategies of discourse of power.


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