The Phenomenon of the Ukrainian Soviet Philosophy

Keywords: Ukrainian Soviet philosophy, totalitarian ideology, Marxism, Ukrainian philosophy, Soviet philosophy, Soviet ideology, the theory of Marxism


A number of opinions of the modern Ukrainian scientists concerning the definition of the term “Soviet philosophy” and its impact on the further development of a philosophical thought in Ukraine are analyzed in the article. The connection between the intensity of the popularization of the Marxism ideology by the speakers of the Soviet philosophy in Ukraine and the degree of freedom in the evolution of national philosophical traditions (in this case, the Ukrainian philosophy) is established. Also, the notions “Soviet philosophy”, “Ukrainian Soviet philosophy”, with the parallel analysis of the development of some core vectors of the Ukrainian philosophy in the Soviet period, are construed.The influence of the main concepts of the Ukrainian Soviet philosophy on the further development of national philosophy is evaluated. The article states that for the further unbiased development of the Ukrainian philosophical tradition it is necessary to get rid of the obsessive influence of the Soviet past that was under way in the Ukrainian history for many decades of the XX century, and also continues to indirectly influence the contemporary Ukrainian philosophy. Thus, in order to ensure the further free development of the Ukrainian philosophy, domestic scholars should, in an impartial way, investigate the role and place of totalitarian ideology (Soviet philosophy) in the history of the development of the Ukrainian philosophical thought, and thus be able to go their own way. Therefore, it is essential to analyse objectively a number of core and fundamental questions regarding the activities of apologists of the Ukrainian Soviet philosophy.Such analysis will help to generate more objectively the general “outline” in the plane of which the investigated phenomenon developed, since we see that many issues in the evolution of the Soviet philosophy either are not covered at all, or are given somewhat distorted. So now there is an increasingly urgent need to study the declared phenomenon.


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