Ukrainian Cossacks on the construction of the Ladoga channel

  • O. M. Slesarenko Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
Keywords: Cossack privileges, duct work, embezzlement of public funds, the loss of lif, the Cossack regiments


In the article the author using the methods of quantitative analysis, statistical and historical-comparative method illuminates one of the little-known events: 1720-ies the construction of a canal bypassing Lake Ladoga Ukrainian Cossacks. Cossacks execution of these works, on the one hand, violated the Autonomous rights of the Hetman of Ukraine and class privileges of the Cossacks, and on the other hand, has caused large losses of the Ukrainian Cossacks. The greatest losses were in the first year of participation in the construction of the canal, more than 33 %. In subsequent years, the amount of losses fell to 25–10 %. Probably this is due to the accumulated sad experience and more thorough training, both the Cossacks and their commanders. Finally, the author uses new archival materials. In the process of studying the events of 1720–1725 years, the author found that the use of Cossacks in the construction works was uneven: at the initial stage (until 1723) the participation of the Cossacks in the construction of the Ladoga canal was more intense, and in the next three years, their share among employees has decreased almost twice. However, at the same time, the Ukrainian Cossacks had to take part in the conquests of Tsar Peter I in the Caspian region. Paradoxically, loss of the Cossacks in the fighting was twice smaller than in the channel. Besides, we have not confirmed the thesis of some historians that the involvement of the Ukrainian regiments became a form of punishment for separatism Hetman Mazepa.The link works, the Cossacks were used in conjunction with the regular regiments of the Russian army and with the same intensity. The determining factors to the high losses among the Ukrainian Cossacks became unfavorable climatic conditions, poor organization of work and embezzlement of Russian officials.


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