Current state and prospects of professional self-determination of students of general educational institutions of Mariupol: on the materials of sociological research

  • O. A. Tashkinova Priazovskyi State Technical University
  • S. O. Mishchenko Priazovskyi State Technical University
  • K. Totska Priazovskyi State Technical University
Keywords: professional definition, professional development of personality, social subject, student youth, professional orientation, motivation


Youth is the future of our country. Therefore, it is important to create conditions for increasing the competitiveness of young professionals in the labor market. To do this, it is necessary to change the model of professional orientation of pupils in accordance with their abilities and needs of the labor market, to make it systemic and effective; as well as to coordinate the market of educational services and the labor market of a specific region, to create a developed motivational system in institutions of higher and secondary education focused on continuous education and self-improvement of a person throughout life, formation of social and professional subjectivity in student and student youth, active attitude to to himself, to his life and to the future profession. An important problem is the formation of professional self-determination in the young person himself, adequate, on the one hand, to the conditions of the regional market of educational services and the labor market, on the other - the abilities, needs and interests of the student himself. It is the active life position and the reality of requests for a future profession for students that will increase their competitiveness in the labor market. In connection with this, requirements for subjects that provide professional orientation among students of general education schools are changing, in relation to the goals, objectives and methods of this work.Professional self-determination is considered as a process of conscious and active search of a person by his place in the world of professions, developing his personal attitude to certain professions, and the choice of possible future professional activities.Professional self-determination for students is related to the orientation in the world of professions, an understanding of their own physical, mental and social capabilities, the formation of adequate, realistic professional intentions that fit the existing abilities, knowledge, skills, etc. This is the formation of his future professional image by analyzing his personality, available resources, general life self-determination of the individual, etc. It should be noted that the process of professional self-determination is rather complex and its effectiveness determines a set of objective and subjective factors.The ability to personal and professional self-determination arises and is formed when studying in higher education institutions. Professional self-determination begins with the design of the first idea of your future profession and the formation of the first professional intentions.Understanding the importance of the problem of professional self-determination of students, the Mariupol City Employment Center, together with the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the Priazovsky State Technical University, in February-March 2018 conducted a joint sociological study among students of secondary schools. Only 54% of students know which professions are most suitable for them in accordance with abilities, inclinations, types of temperament, thinking. But most students will choose a future profession that can provide them with high wages in the future. Many graduates are attracted by the prospect of opening their own businesses and going abroad.Thus, it is necessary to change the system of interaction of universities and secondary schools in the direction of effective professional orientation and involving students in the world of professions through socially useful activities. The task of subjects of professional orientation should be the formation of the necessary competences and socially significant qualities for pupils’ youth in order to increase their socio-professional subjectivity and acquaintance with the world of the profession through a system of trainings, mentoring, professional excursions and volunteering. It is then that real professional self-determination of students in the world of the profession, in accordance with their available resources and conditions of the modern labor market, will become possible.


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Tashkinova, O., Mishchenko, S., & Totska, K. (2018). Current state and prospects of professional self-determination of students of general educational institutions of Mariupol: on the materials of sociological research. Grani, 21(9), 58-66.

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