Phenomenon of the internet as a modus of informational technologies: sociological analysis

  • N. A. Polovaya National aviation university
Keywords: іnternet, informational technologies, informational society, social changes, public sphere, modus


The article is devoted to the Internet as a unique culture­shaping and socio­determining phenomenon that activates the formation of new spheres of human activity and interaction of virtual reality. In this context the Internet appears as a modulator of new information technologies that in their own set stimulate transformation of social role­playing dispositions of modern society, creating unique new type of society that has global character and actively changes the principles of social interaction. In this respect the aim of article is analysis of social changes initiated by information technologies and further transformation prospects evaluation. The author claims that information technologies have the most important changes in the functioning of the economic, social, educational, spiritual spheres of society. The article focuses on the fact that the Internet can be seen not only as information but also as a management technology that determines the functioning and development of political, economic and cultural subsystems of society. In general, it is noted that the specificity of sociological research of the phenomenon of the Internet is to identify the most important conflicts that arise in the system of social relations in essentially irreversible exploration and development of Internet technologies. Information technologies, which are actively implemented in all spheres of society, begin to have a significant impact on it at the turn of 60-70 years of the twentieth century. Attempts to feel and comprehend this influence are the basis for the emergence of an information society - a society where the main value of its functioning is information. Awareness of being a participant of being, where information processes play a very important role, contributed to the emergence of a new stage in the evolution of mankind, in which the information component of the economy begins to play a significant and decisive role in the development of the entire world community.


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