Civilization aspect of religious conflicts in the first decades of 21st century Europe

Keywords: Islam, Christianity, Islamic civilization, Western civilization, Islamophobia, religious terrorism


In the first decades of the 21st century in Europe there is a real outbreak of conflicts, which is based on religious issues. These events require a thorough understanding, as they can lead to catastrophic consequences. One of the methodological tools for this reflection can be a civilization analysis approach that can effectively help to understand the essence of religious conflicts in modern Europe. The study applied Arnold Toynbee’s concept ‘Challenge and response’ to the current situation of Muslim migration to Europe. As a result we demonstrated that this situation is the ‘response’ to the ‘challenge’ of the previous colonisation of Muslim countries by the European states. We found three components of this ‘response’. Firstly, there is the mass character of the migration of the Muslim population to European lands. Secondly, we mean fertility of the Muslim population in Europe as a background of future domination. Thirdly, there is a wave of violence in many lands with Muslim population during the last decades. Moreover, we argue that an emergence of enclaves of Islamic civilization within the European countries creates conflictogenic centres in the Western civilization. We reveal a mechanism of increasing the number of religious fanatics among Muslim migrants. Feeling the impossibility of providing the Islamic-style political and legal conditions of life in Europe, representatives of Islamic civilization are looking for compensation in the subjective spiritual sphere of Muslim religion, where positions of radical Islam are strong. This process is activated, firstly, by the fact that religion is one of the main means of self-identification for any migrants; secondly, by the fact of disappointment in secular government of Western society. We showed that all elements for appearing a massive civilization conflict are available in Europe in the first two decades of the 21st century. In particular, there are not only religious terrorists of Islamist orientation, but terrorists who direct their actions towards representatives of Islamic civilization act too. Islamophobia that is widely spread in Europe now could be a trigger of flaming this conflict up. Consequently, we state that the conflict situation that has developed in the modern Europe in the field of relations between the representatives of Western and Islamic civilizations requires immediate search for solutions.


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