Ukrainian immorality in ethics and politics. Problems of formation of professional ethics of a political scientist

  • A. Ragimova National Aviation University
Keywords: immorality, code, politics, political scientist, professional ethics, еducation, elite


One of the most important and debatable topics of the modern political theory has been analyzed and examined in the article. It is the problem of professional ethics of politicians and political scientists. Ethics is known as the branch of philosophy that involves the systematization, definition and recommendation of concepts of right and wrong behavior. Politics as a term is applied generally to the art of science and running governmental or state affairs, including behavior within civil governments. It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics and the analysis of political systems and political behavior. It consists of “social relations involving authority of power” and the methods of tactics used to formulate and apply policy. In democracy there’s always the conflict between the slow rate and social pay off. True leadership is the ability to reconcile both and to promote long-term public positive effect. That’s why much attention in the article is paid to the moral code of ethics of politicians and political scientists. The ways of ethics management in public service and university education have been studied in the article. Some suggestions on how to solve this issue have been given by the author. Such research lines as the moral and political aspects of professional ethics of political scientist, political moral qualities and virtue of justice, the correlation of pragmatic and moral aspects of political activity, the relationship of professional ethics and personal morality of politician have been used by the author while studying the problem. It has been proved in the article that ethics is an integral part of social life and politics and it’s important from the moral viewpoint.


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